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Meet Darrin Jackson

Recording Artist, Guitarist and Band Leader

Welcome to the official music portfolio of the Darrin Jackson Encounter.  You can stay up to date on their latest developments and find examples of Jackson's and his band's musical work.

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Behind the Music

The Full Story

The ultra-talented Darrin Jackson is one of the South’s hottest recording artists to watch in 2019. His eclectic sound on the guitar has been unique and entertaining for hundreds of audiences enjoying a wide selection of genres. 

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, Jackson’s debuted his first Christian and R&B/Soul single, Desert, on music streaming sites. It is available for download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Shazam. Jackson’s musical arrangement on a PRS guitar tells an instrumental story that there is “life after your desert experience.” The song is bold, energetic and unleashes his creative gift from God on the strings. 

“A desert experience is a life experience,” Jackson says. “A lot of times we think of a desert as a dry place. It’s a piece of terrain. It’s lifeless. There’s no moisture. But we often don’t realize a lot of things live in a desert like coyotes, rattlesnakes, lizards, spiders, camels and even cactuses live in a desert. So even in those tough terrains, there is still life in the desert.” 

Jackson says music is universal and listeners across the world will be able to relate their life’s journey to the song. He hopes the music will in turn touch each of their lives, providing hope that God can help everyone survive the Desert

In 2018, he founded the Darrin Jackson Encounter, an instrumental ensemble with talented musicians whose abilities can transform events into a live, entertaining and fulfilling atmosphere by permeating the mind, body and soul. The group performs before churches, weddings, galas, corporate and political events and festive audiences across the Carolinas and beyond. 

After hearing Jackson perform, multiple bands in North Carolina invited him to join as a member: Next Level Band of Charlotte, KRVE and Image GTown which was formed by Walker Reid, the mayor of Gastonia. He’s played in venues like the Bonsecours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina for Spirit Fest 2019, Bank of America stadium for the ESPN Belk Bowl Pep Rally and Tailgate, the Fillmore Charlotte and mega churches in North and South Carolina. 

In 2019, Jackson is also focused on multiple projects that will give fans a chance to see more of his talents on display. He was most excited about his invitation to perform at the Gothardusfest, an international music festival in Gotha Germany in May 2019 with Image GTown. 

He’s had the pleasure and honor of working with numerous music artists across various genres from gospel to R&B. Jackson was asked to perform background music for Juanita Bynum. He’s a featured artist on several iTunes singles including, Jerrell Dean’s inspirational song, Daddy’s Song from 2018, Raydiant’s inspirational song, Thanks for Loving Me from 2018 and 3:30 A.M. from 2018 and Jeremy Littlejohn’s Gospel song, Send Your Rain from 2016. 

While Jackson stays frequently booked, you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter where he keeps fans updated on gigs, how God is moving in his life or the latest adventures with his children.

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